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Building Future Proof SharePoint Solutions for your Enterprise

SharePoint Symmetry provides expert, architect level, consulting services to our clients. Our consulting expertise has been acquired by real-life business experience, Microsoft certification, and through our own everyday use of SharePoint as an organization. Our innovative solutions are architected, designed and developed by consultants focused on providing elegance with easy maintainability. ​We minimize overhead staff to give you exactly what's needed to complete your SharePoint project.

The number one problem when implementing new systems is user adoption. We work closely with you to design and build the best possible solutions, focusing on scalability, growth, and user adoption. We will work hand in hand to design the best approach for your system based on your unique list of requirements.

We provide a full range of services to fit your needs; everything from installation and configuration to custom development and design work.​ We specialize in both Office 365 solutions as well as SharePoint on-premise solutions.

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We focus on creating simple effective solutions to meet your needs. We spend the time upfront to make sure you get what you are expecting. Cutting costs and elevating client outcomes is our primary focus.


We believe clients should be able to get top quality work without paying high costs. Our prices will beat any competitor. We minimize costs and improve productivity by eliminating unnecessary overhead​.


With our wide range of SharePoint knowledge we are able to provide you a detailed analysis of your entire organization to provide information on other areas of consolidation.

From Start to Finish

O​ur solutions have client-centric architectures. This allows us to prototype much faster and more accurately than our competitors. Thus, allowing us to focus on getting you final UX and UI mockups that can be signed off on early in the design phase.

No matter what your project is, we will design a process that fits your needs and will meet your requirements.

DaaS - Developers as a Service

We provide trained SharePoint developers for short or long term projects. When trying to hire SharePoint developers, it can be difficult or nearly impossible to find good ones. Our developers are rigorously trained and certified in-house by our seasoned, experienced SharePoint architects. You and the developer will have access to our Sr. SharePoint Architects if needed to help with more complex requests. No staffing agency can offer this. They do not have the in-house talent or the expertise that we do. With us you will receive developers that are employed, trained and insured by us directly.

Why should you choose DaaS?

  • Access to a larger development pool without paying full consulting costs
  • Experienced developers
  • High quality development
  • Access to senior architects at a discounted rate
  • Avoid the overhead of a full time employee

If you would like to find out more about our developers as a service, contact or call us at 800-419-0561.


These items have been designed and developed by the individual consultants at SharePoint Symmetry.

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  • This solution provides auditing workflow capabilities. It was developed using our Stage Engine App along with some customization. The workflow allows audit requests to go through 7 stages before being completed.

  • Provides extracts of SharePoint list data into normalized readable format. Data can be pulled from any SharePoint list and will format the data properly as well as put it into user readable tables.

  • This application lets users plan out their week with high level project information. Users select a week (current typically) and then add project and/or tasks to the weekly planner. These tasks contain % complete, % of time for the week, and a few other pieces of meta data. Users then submit the planner which timestamps then. At the end of the week, they status the items and complete the week.


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