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Please take a moment to view the items in our portfolio. These items have been designed and developed by the individual consultants at SharePoint Symmetry.​

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  • Provides advanced grid functions for SharePoint. The grid adds support for status icons, and other special field formats. It also includes a built in Gantt Chart to view your items in Gantt format using a start and finish date.

  • This solution provides auditing workflow capabilities. It was developed using our Stage Engine App along with some customization. The workflow allows audit requests to go through 7 stages before being completed.

  • An app store that is public for people to browse can do 1 click installs of applications into the SharePoint site. Applications install lists, fields, link lookups, reports, set site properties and more.

  • This integration platform allows many different online services to synchronize data through a central point. It was an extensible platform that focused on minimizing the codebase for each integration module that was built

  • SharePoint Symmetry created a workflow process to manage a companies Processes and Procedures. The goal was to require that documents go through a review process at least once per year. Each time a document expires the user is required to review it, update it, and then resubmit it for approval.

  • The project planner give users the ability to plan tasks from a task list in a more formal setting. The planner provides many of the typical project management functionalities that people require. Tasks worked with the planner can be linked, indented, summarizes, etc.

  • Provides extracts of SharePoint list data into normalized readable format. Data can be pulled from any SharePoint list and will format the data properly as well as put it into user readable tables.

  • The customer required a system that would allow the executives to define a set of strategic initiatives and allow the management to report status on them. The executives would define an initiative, dates, and milestones of the initiative.

  • This application provides timesheet functionality to SharePoint. Users are given the ability to complete weekly timesheets in a grid like fashion. They can then save and submit then approve the work completed.

  • This application lets users plan out their week with high level project information. Users select a week (current typically) and then add project and/or tasks to the weekly planner. These tasks contain % complete, % of time for the week, and a few other pieces of meta data. Users then submit the planner which timestamps then. At the end of the week, they status the items and complete the week.