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About Us

SharePoint Symmetry was founded in 2014 by two experienced SharePoint Architects from San Diego, CA. With over 20 years combined experience in software development, our founders provide key insite into your SharePoint needs. We believe that clients should get what they ask for without excessive cost. Our focus is customer success with the premise that solutions should be simple and elegant in design.

Who Are We?

  • Xavier Harris - Founder/Partner

    Xavier has been working with SharePoint since 2005. Throughout his career in various capacities he has been involved with SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. From installation, migration, upgrades, configuration and mai​ntenance -to- system archiecture design, development, customization, systems integration, workflows, webparts, UI/UX design, reporting, dashboards, security, governance, records management and taxonomy, Fast Search design and customization, SSRS integration, custom Lync integration, migration utilities, install utilities, PowerShell Cmdlets.

    His expertise is acquired through real-life hands on system and solution architecture experience. Xavier has worked for several large national SharePoint consulting firms. He has built numerous SharePoint commerically available products. While working for these firms a common dominator became apparent, "large consulting firms" often do "NOT" have the expertise and/or experience they "advertise", are over priced and consistently under performs. This is what motivated him to partner with Jason Hughes another talanted SharePoint architect and bring efficiency, accuracy, lower cost and elegance to our clients solutions. 

    With the release of SharePoint 2013 which he worked on in 2012. The prelease beta version well in advance of its'  official release Xavier became very familarized with SharePoint 2013. It's "New" approach to "Custom App Dev". Utilization of the "Corporate Catalog" implemented in a real-life scenario for Fitness Intl LLC (a.k.a L.A. Fitness). In addition, during this time it also became very apparent that there is a tectonic shift in relation to SharePoint development. Client-centric architectures are now not only being endorsed but recommended. Gone are the days of having "heavy" "farm solultions" deployed to your SharePoint servers. SharePoint 2013 really encourages developers to create their apps in such a way that it runs in "isolation". Thus, eliminating burdening the SharePoint App servers and risking possible exposure to system down time and outages.​

    Xavier always looks forward to his next SharePoint 2013 solution. These are exciting times with SharePoint and development in general. With HTML5 and SharePoint accommodating client centric architectures, the gloves really come off. SharePoint is more "mashable" than ever, easier than ever! Let's build something together!!

  • Jason Hughes - Founder/Partner

    Jason began his career working with other portal systems such as BlackBoard Learning. His primary language was Java. He quickly migrated to the .Net platform where he began working with ASP.Net and SharePoint technologies. He has been working with SharePoint since 2003.

    He started off developing custom applications for clients on the SharePoint 2003 platform. When SharePoint 2007 was released, life for SharePoint developers got better as the platform started focusing on developers instead of users sharing documents. This led to better and more integrated customizations

    In 2007 he helped start EPM Live, a Project and Work Management solution built on the SharePoint 2007 platform. This started off as a small add-in to Microsoft Project and quickly grew into the full product that EPM Live now offers. He grew from R&D to Director of technology where he oversaw a group of onshore and offshore developers. He was responsible for all things technical. This included all Cloud operatorations as well as product development operations. He was responsible for setting up and managing EPM Live's cloud infrastructure in a world class colocation facility. He was also responsible for releasing a solid product for EPM Live. As SharePoint 2010 then 2013 came into the mix, he continued to move the product to the latest versions, allowing him to take advantage of everything SharePoint had to offer.

    ​ In 2012 EPM Live was purchased by a larger company and grew from 40 employees to 400. With that merge came many changes. He was put in charge of a large project to integrate 6 of the merged companies and allow them to communicate at a data level. Shortly thereafter he started SharePoint Symmetry with Xavier Harris because he felt he could provide more value to the thousands of SharePoint customers requiring help building solutions that fit their needs.