Nov 22
SharePoint - ROI (Return On Investment)

roigraph.jpg​SharePoint 2013 offers several ways to maximize your investment. At SharePoint Symmetry Consulting this is our primary focus when engaging clients. We will discuss two of those ways here...




1.) Process Automation / Workflows

  • New Hire Onboarding - we have created numberous onboarding process automation workflows. Whereas some integrate with external systems suchs PeopleSoft, ADP, PayChex, Manage Engine. Streamlining the onboarding process not only ensuring a smoother process. Also, greater efficiency, visibility, tracking and accountability.
  • Process and Procedures - clients often have internal processes and/or procedures that thoroughly documented. Keeping these documents update to date, tracking and approving changes, document security and versioning can consume a lot of time and resources. By combining a document approval workflow and enforcing a rention policy, SharePoint 2013 can be configured right out of the box and can also to customized to fit your needs.  

2.) System Integration

  • IT Ticketing
  • CRM
  • CMS 
Jul 08
Top 10 Reasons To Choose SharePoint Symmetry Consulting, LLC

1. Excellence – with our seasoned SharePoint architects you will gain from their insight. As career SharePoint consultants they have very broad experience and exposure to the SharePoint platform from a variety of different angles. All have certifications in SharePoint. Although, certifications only tell part of the story. Hands-on, real-life SharePoint system design and architecture experience is by far our strongest asset.

2. Efficiency – you will receive a highly talented, experienced and collaborative technical staff. This allows us to have synergy amongst the team. Thus, pollinating our experiences and best practices throughout all of our projects. Minimizing missteps and detours. Continuously, updating and refining our processes, architectural approaches and technologies used.

3. Higher Quality – not only will the solutions be aesthetically pleasing but highly functional and easily maintained. All content will be dynamic and role based.

4. Lower Costs – generally our proposals come in significantly less than our competitors. We are able to do this through client centric, efficient architectures. That allows us to prototype earlier in the process and get results to the client much faster than our competitors. Which shortens development time, testing and deployment.

5. Client Centric Architectures – with the release of SharePoint 2013 and all the new capabilities with the SharePoint 2013 REST api. Using SharePoint developers can now leverage these api’s client-side. A client-side architecture allows for faster development, deploying and debugging.

6. Faster Prototyping – Using a client centric approach for custom SharePoint app development allows us to use default datasets (i.e. json objects) to mock up working prototypes for our clients. This means the client can see a functional UI in a matter days. Not weeks or months.

7. Consistency – our approach to maintaining a consistent architectural approach and a high level of quality is by having our most Sr. and talented SharePoint Architects design ALL solutions. Our client’s architecture designs are NEVER outsourced.

8. Adaptive – SharePoint Symmetry, LLC is still a relatively small company. We use this to our advantage. This allows us to move quickly to adjust to an ever changing technology demand.

9. Innovation – We have developed numerous SharePoint commercially available products. In addition to, custom solution architecture designs that have integrated systems using RESTFul service layers and javascript. Our founding partners have been recognized by various institutions (Gartner, Microsoft etc.) as visionaries and technology leaders.

10. Passion – as you will see our team loves what they do. They pursue clients challenges with unwavering determination for the most efficient, elegant and easily maintainable solution possible. It is this enthusiasm and intrigue with SharePoint architecture design that truly separates us.
Jul 08
SharePoint Symmetry Consulting, LLC Officially Launches!!
​SharePoint Symmetry Consulting, LLC has Officially Launched!!!
SharePoint Symmetry Consulting, LLC looks forward to a bright future. With the best in class talent and a logical approach to finding solutions to businesses most challenging SharePoint needs, SharePoint Symmetry Consulting, LLC is well on our way to becoming a leader in SharePoint Consulting.  
Jul 08
What are the benefits of client centric architectures?
​SharePoint Symmetry Consulting, LLC has embraced a client centric approach to SharePoint 2013 solution architecture design. We have realized the following benefits from using this approach.
1. Faster prototyping
2. Richer debugging
3. Faster deployment
4. True asynchronous page loads
5. No need for server access