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DaaS - Developers as a Service

We provide trained SharePoint developers for short or long term projects. When trying to hire SharePoint developers, it can be difficult or nearly impossible to find good ones. Our developers are rigorously trained and certified in-house by our seasoned, experienced SharePoint architects. You and the developer will have access to our Sr. SharePoint Architects if needed to help with more complex requests. No staffing agency can offer this. They do not have the in-house talent or the expertise that we do. With us you will receive developers that are employed, trained and insured by us directly.

Why should you choose DaaS?

  • Access to a larger development pool without paying full consulting costs
  • Experienced developers
  • High quality development
  • Access to senior architects at a discounted rate
  • Avoid the overhead of a full time employee

If you would like to find out more about our developers as a service, contact or call us at 800-419-0561.

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