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SharePoint Intranets 

Improve performance by implementing a company intranet


An intranet is an essential part of any company. It typically houses the majority of the common files and shared documents for any business. An intranet can be used for document storage, collaboration, search, process improvement and more.

Many companies are looking to expand their tehcnology footprint by offering intranet access to their entire organization. Without proper implementation this can quickly fail.

We can help implement a successful intranet solution for your entire organization. Our goal is to focus your entire company on a single location for their day to day tasks.


User Adoption

The number one problem when impementing a successful intranet site is to achieve high user adoption. We will work with you hand in hand to design and implement a solution that will work for you and your users. The more the users are engaged in your intranet the more succesful your deployment will be.

We will implement yourt intranet so that it is fun and easy to use. This can include things such as important announcements, events, birthdays, new hires, etc. These types of things peak peoples interest when coming into the office each morning.


The number one ask for many corporations is that their employees increase their collaboration efforts. Many companies are dispersed through the world which makes efective collaboration more difficult.

With a successful intranet implementation, your users will be able to quickly and effectively work together on the various projects and tasks within your organization. The days of file shares and missing documents are a thing of the past. Storing and working with documents in your intranet provides a more manageable infrastructure for your company.

Process and Integration

With the successful implementation of a SharePoint intranet, you will gain access to the integration and process management tools available to you. All companies have some sort of processes that are required for success of their business. By building your intranet on the SharePoint platform we can quickly and efficiently build processes that will fit your need.

There will undoubtedly be a multidude of systems in your company that would benefit from an integration with your Intranet. We can help you consolidate and define these integrations to streamline your company's processes

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