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Processes and Workflows


Processes and workflows are an integral part of any business. They can assist in many parts of your business, even places you may not be aware of. We can help assess and build the appropriate workflows for your business.

Building processes and workflows quite often involves much more than just a simple workflow. We have years of experience building advanced workflows that involve the workflow itself, viewable fields, notifications, and more.

Listed below are some detailed examples of processes and workflows that are common to many businesses. Each one uses one or more parts of our workflow solution to accomplish their objective.

Personnel Management

Personnel management is an essential part of any business. It starts with onboarding where employees are fo through the process of being hired from start to finish. After onboarding are promotions and transfers. Then finally is separation which is the process of removing an employee from the company.


This starts off with the interview process where you can start off with the potential candidates basic information. From there you can run them through any of the required tests prior to extending an offer letter. Once an potential candidate has been determined they can then be queued for any background and/or drug testing. Once this is complete the candidate can start the onboarding process. This includes offer letter, followed by welcome letters and confirmations. There will always be an IT aspect as well. The workflow can submit requests to the IT and facilities departments for things such as computer, desk, and any additional supplies the new employee will require. The final step is to start payroll which mean submitting all their information to an HR system such as ADP.

Promotions and Transfers

Employees are constantly being promoted or transfered to another department within a corporation. This process typically involves first IT and facilities to change permissions. move desks, etc. After that the employee may need to go over new materials for the department they have just transfered to. The employee may have also received a pay raise, so a new payrate must be sent to an HR service such as ADP.


This is the final piece of the personnel management process. You must first run through a verification process to make sure the employee is actually leaving and for what reason. Then the IT department is notified so they can remove access and collect any equipment the employee has. The employee is then cut their final paycheck where in some states it is required to be done almost immediately.

Processes and Procedures

Every company has some sort of processes that must be followed in order to ensure a successful business. For some companies these processes are critical to the success, safety, and control of the business. Some are losely defined and some are tightly controlled. With our process and procedures solution a company can gain control over their processes through a step by step approval workflow. This can include any number of persons involved in the process. If your company is subject to any type of audit, this approval process can be critical in the audit process. By implementing an appropriate workflow for processes and procedures you can save both time and money.

Additional modules can also be included to help the performance of your processes. This includes management controls and improvement opportunities. Management controls are used to ensure the appropriate use and application of the processes and procedures. Improvement opportunities are used to log items that could eventually be improved within a process or procedure.

Audit and Compliance

Many companies are audited throughout the year, whether that be by an external auditor or internal auditor. During an audit process it is imperative that audit requests are returned in a timely manner. With our audit solution you will get notifications as the each request progresses. These stages are flexible. One example could be, Request comes in, That goes to a department head. The department head then assigns the request to someone to complete. Once the person has provided the appropriate documentation, a QA person would be assigned and would verify that the document is appropriate. Once the QA is complete, the process returns to the department head for final approval prior to being returned to the appropriate auditor.

Stage Engine

Some processes and workflows dont actually require a SharePoint workflow. Many process revolve around walking items through a stage gate process. While this might be considered a workflow, SharePoint does not handle this out of the box. Our stage engine solution provides a quick and easy to implement application. You can control which fields are editable and visible for certain stages. Additionally each stage can have any number of buttons to control the next move. These buttons can have validations, or gates, and they can also apply values to move from one stage to the next. Some users like to visually see the stage a workflow is in, so you can quickly include a stage gate diagram on your form.